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Belt conveyer fault monitoring element classification and function
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Belt conveyor is widely used in industry, a great convenience to the production need, realizes the production automation, greatly saves human resources, but the long-term use will accelerate parts wear conveyor, causing equipment failure, therefore, according to the needs of users with some of the monitoring element, can effectively monitor on the conveying equipment failure, reduced downtime, lower the operation cost.

  With the progress of technology, the advanced level of the belt conveyor is also rising, some monitoring the use of components on the conveyor, greatly improving the conveying equipment automation, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers. Belt conveyor control system of detecting element comprises: a temperature sensing device, a deviation detection device, slip detection of longitudinal tear protection device, apparatus, protective device, discharge chute plug flow detection device, bidirectional pull switch, an audible and visual alarm.
  In the operation of belt conveyor in the process, through the temperature sensor for the monitoring of the belt conveyor roller and a bearing or the environment temperature. When the monitoring point is higher than the temperature of the solenoid valve set value alarm system and drive the sprinkling device to achieve ultra temperature water spray. The action of friction roller and the tape when the drum when the temperature is too high will make the tape burning. Therefore, to monitor the drum temperature when the temperature reaches a certain value alarm. At the same time start watering valve and watering cooling temperature sensor from the use can be divided into contact and non-contact two kinds of contact. Is widely used at the present time is the contact measurement, non contact temperature sensor by detecting emitted infrared measured objects to achieve the purpose of temperature measurement. In the temperature sensor must use non contact belt conveyor to realize automatic temperature.  
  Deviation detection device for detecting conveyer belt in the operation of belt deviation of belt conveyor, and sends the signal. It can not play the role of adjusting deviation. Deviation detection device has two motion function: a class action for alarm; two for the automatic shutdown. It can send a signal, must and linkage control system of the conveyor, can realize the function of alarm and automatic shutdown.  
  Slippage detection device for detecting transmission occurred at starting or running process of belt conveyor belt slippage and transmission between the roller, to prevent slipping accidents. Because of the long-term operation of belt conveyor, the conveyor belt in the role of tension is constant elongation, in the operation process of the equipment is easy to cause the belt slipping. The device can also be used for overspeed protection multiple interlocking belt conveyor starting and low speed brake. Slippage detection device is composed of two parts of sensing head and a control box, wherein the sensing head consists of an infrared photoelectric switch, the shading plate, the contact wheel, main control, transmission mechanism etc.. The sensing head device is installed on the conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt between branch and branch, the contact wheel and the conveying Contact Zone Branch of non working face pressed through the conveyor belt and the friction wheel drive touch touch wheel rotation, the shading plate at the same time the contact wheel drives the cavity of the synchronous rotation, the shading plate a certain number of slots, the shading plate rotates each slot, it emits a pulse signal. The pulse signal is sent through a cable to the control box, after data processing, compared with the original set of number code, such as the operation of belt conveyor speed is normal, then the two data coincide with each other, the normal operation of the emitted signal. When the number of coded pulse signal is greater than or less than the set, respectively, and sends out the alarm signal or slipping of belt conveyor speed.  
  Longitudinal rip protection device for belt conveyor in the process of operation, due to foreign body (metal or other sharp objects) hybrid and the conveying belt is pierced in material transportation, cause the belt longitudinal tearing accident alarm and emergency stop. Longitudinal rip protection device is composed of two parts of sensor and control box. In. Installed in the tail of belt conveyor, generally in the long or the key conveyor, this type of components used in the mining industry and the use of large angle belt conveyor.  
Chute protective device is used for plugging material transport chute detection belt conveyor system in, when chute plug formation, the device immediately control center clogging alarm, stop signal to the transport system, immediate shutdown.

Material flow detection device for detecting belt conveyor transport material, a device for detecting the instantaneous state of material flow. Generally, the device is arranged near the belt conveyor head, can send out a switching signal, the control center of the transport system to transport the material to reach know which one belt conveyor.

Bidirectional pull switch belt conveyor for emergency or accident shut down, when the conveyor accident, the staff can be in any position in the emergency pull direction stretching wire switch rope, so that the conveyor shutdown immediate emergency accident. General pull rope switch installed on one side of the conveyor, also can be installed on both sides of.

Audible and visual alarm is used as the starting signal interlocking system of belt conveyor. Before operation, must give out sound and light signals and maintain 20-30S, notice along the staff leave the equipment, and then start the equipment. In addition, the unloading car or bunkering belt conveyor in running, at the same time, a sound signal, notify the equipment near staff leave the equipment safety attention.
To monitor the use of monitoring components of various types of conveyor, which not only reduces the failure rate, and good protection of the conveying equipment and personnel in the process of operation safety.

After a live well, eat not assured, country people fighting index finally was "upgrade" -- this is the pollution of the environment. The new year, a northern province haze over the sky spread to just silence PM2.5 discussion again detonated, followed by "water pollution", "garbage siege" and other environmental problems but also in a can't be held back posture impact public opinion. In political science at the Beijing Normal University and the University of International Relations Chinese said economic and Political Research Center Director Wei Zhimin, "now our ecological environment has come to the edge of collapse, has reached a critical point of people's tolerance."

China's environmental problem has reached a critical point, speed up the management of environment pollution, strengthen environmental supervision can not just floating on the surface. A new pneumatic as an environmental pollution management, development of the instrument industry and in which play a role, again focusing the eyes.

Environmental instrumentation industry of environmental monitoring instruments: environmental monitoring instrument is the instrument field under the categories, is the analysis of data through the collection, instrument analysis of professional field acquisition pollution source and environmental background pollution status. Nowadays, environment detection instrument in China mainly include water, air, soil. Through more than ten years of development, these instruments have been developing commensurate with the degree of environmental protection, science and technology, first spotlight SDL, Tianrui instrument such as a number of listed instrument company has a certain R & D capabilities. In the field of environmental monitoring instruments, the market is had rate commensurate with foreign enterprises of domestic enterprises, the main reason is the domestic level of technology with foreign gap is not significant, and domestic enterprises in the sales channel development and after-sales service have the upper hand. Laboratory analysis instruments: laboratory analysis equipment is the same instrument below an important category, is through the liquid, gas and mud samples, analysis, test terminal analysis instrument. Instrument field laboratory analysis, domestic enterprises are still concentrated in the low-end products in the field of high-end analytical instruments, such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, the vast majority of the market occupied by foreign companies. According to statistics, cheap instrument home market satisfaction rate was 65%, in the high-end instruments satisfaction rate was 30%.
Industrial process analysis instruments: industrial process analysis instrument is also called the online analysis instrument, is used for the industrial production of the floorboard in composition and properties of substances in the process of the automatic analysis and measuring instrument, the focus for the combustion control, exhaust gas recycling, safety process control, quality monitoring required for automatic analysis of product, the display data reflecting the real situation in production. Industrial process analysis instrument is mainly used in the petroleum chemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, energy power, cement and building materials, biochemical pharmaceutical, microelectronics, air separation, natural gas, coking, coal chemical industry, aerospace and other industries. China online analysis instrument started earlier, in the fifty or sixty's of last century, there are a number of state-owned enterprises, military background instrument manufacturers to provide various types of online analysis instrument. 3, remote sensing instruments: the use of sensor / nature, technology of remote sensing devices such as non contact type of environmental pollution characteristics and state analysis instrument theory, method and application. These include on air pollution, water pollution (such as red tide, oil spill pollution) remote sensing and sources of pollution, but also the establishment of satellite ground receiving system and satellite image analysis system, the present situation and the change tendency of the ecological environment quality analysis. In recent years, remote sensing technology in China has made some achievements, but in the sensor with the international still has certain gap.

Environmental instrumentation industry market demand at present environmental protection instrument domestic much-needed mainly include: instrument of atmospheric environmental quality monitoring and automatic monitoring system for flue gas in coal-fired power plant boiler; or as a representative of the analytical instrument monitoring system; the environmental quality of surface water monitoring instrument and monitoring system; in urban sewage treatment plant and high concentration organic wastewater as the representative of the pollution source monitoring instrument and automatic control system.

1, air management: "the Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the Ministry will implement the management of nitrogen oxides of sulfur dioxide management, etc. eight kinds of key projects, a total investment of about 350000000000 yuan. For example: the recent introduction of the "thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards", will greatly enhance the scale of dust removal and desulfurization. A rough estimate, 70%-80% dust removal equipment and desulfurization equipment need improvement, in the next 2 and a half years will usher in more than 80000000000 yuan of denitration market. Is expected to "1025" period desulfurization construction market capacity will exceed 50000000000 yuan by 2015, operation market scale will reach 32800000000 yuan, the annual compound growth rate as high as 50%.

2, water management: water treatment industry chain of China's overall benefit from the 12th Five Year Plan of water management and water price promotion. Little more than water, temporal and spatial distribution of water resources uneven is inherent disadvantages, and water pollution, water ecological deterioration is attributed to acquired extensive growth and control loss. In cannot affect the water resources supply situation, pollution control, protection and maximize the use of existing resources is the main approach to guarantee the security of water supply. In the Twelfth Five Year Plan period, China's water treatment industry investment will reach 800000000000, than the "eleven five" during the rise of 113%.

3, soil management: the general office of the State Council recently issued the "near future Earth environmental protection and comprehensive management work arrangement", put forward in 2015, the soil environmental condition comprehensive picture of China, initially contained mud pollution rising momentum, strive to 2020, completed the national soil environmental protection system, the national soil environmental quality has been significantly improved. A speech pointed out that the current land restoration costs in some areas are billions or even hundreds of billion yuan, taking into account the domestic large city with a dense population are the needs of real estate development, once the market was officially launched, is expected in the future market space in soil remediation should be 1000 billion yuan.

A few years ago, industrial robots or "delivery" nobody wants "unsalable goods", now the order do a year of steady growth, the use of robots the annual growth rate has reached 30%~60%.

In the background of labor shortage and the labor cost is improved, manufacturing enterprises willing to use industrial robots instead of general, to the upper reaches of the robot manufacturing industry has brought a "spring".

A manipulator, is making workshop became "sparsely populated", a Taiwan and Taiwan AGV, is to let the site of logistics has become organized. With the popularization of industrial robots, Pearl River Delta, more and more enterprises are facing the "unmanned factory" the direction of transformation.

Assistant dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology Shenzhen Robot Association Secretary General Bi Yalei introduces, in the Pearl River Delta region, the robot using the annual growth rate has reached 30% to 60%.


The small and medium-sized enterprise also robot

Volkswagen Industrial robot limited long-term production of industrial machinery hand application. "When you have the Spring Festival enterprise active inquiry and order products, this is never before." Sales supervisor of the company Li Jun said, "this year the same period last year than the intention of the nearly three into." Li Jun said.

The small and medium enterprises from the increase in orders intention is obvious. "Production line production enterprises of a chip needs more than 30 workers, they hope the multifunctional robot using automatic feeding, detect the appearance, product classification, this price of a piece of equipment in less than 300000 yuan, the service life of 5~7 years, can replace the 10~12 assembly line workers." Li Jun said.

Li Jun said: "a little before the domestic do the robot, so our company a lot of spare parts are going abroad to buy. Robots are now than before the complete industry chain, spare parts production enterprises more and more, the cost reduced."

In Shenzhen, Shunde and other places, a large number of robot manufacturing enterprises came into being, "we had done the electronic products, then according to customer needs, customized a number of automatic handling of non-standard products, later found this thing on the broader market space." Guangdong Jiateng robotic company marketing manager Chen Riteng told the reporters, in 2005 the company began to do the industrial robot transformation, now has a product to the seventh generation, the performance of the company growth each year to more than 40%.

"Before 2010, you give someone all don't, but from the second half of last year, orders will take the initiative to find a home," said Chen Riteng, they soon released the seventh generation of AGV products, to replace 2.5 tons below to artificial battery forklift. Last year, forklift truck sales of 200000 vehicles using this calculation, if half of AGV, its market capacity will reach 36000000000 yuan / year.

The robot industry "Nuanchun" coming, has deep experience and chairman of Shunde Ding Feng Li Yuan Xing robot Co Ltd. Li Yuanxing said, since this year the press robot orders than the same period last year, with the 40%~50% increase, as the expansion of production capacity, is currently in Shunde for location, plan 2 months start building a new factory.

However, according to insiders, the current robot market is still China's leading foreign brands, the core components of 80%~90% need to be imported, most robotic company is more according to the customer demand customized, "making Iphone robot and make a toy robot is completely different in the product added value." Li Jun said.


Science and Technology Department: their own equipment have to do their own

Foshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of high tech branch relevant responsible person said, Foshan realize intelligent production is not only to introduce the problem, more is absorbed and implementation of integrated innovation problem.

"The first is to cultivate their own CNC equipment industry. Including a lot of equipment of ceramic intelligent equipment, furniture and woodworking industry are Foshan do, can basically meet the mechanization needs; second legs is introduced, but even to buy will introduce other countries core technology, we absorb and implementation of integrated innovation, the real equipment or to do their own." The responsible person said mechanization production in Foshan can meet the demand of local enterprises more than 50%.

Expert: more far-reaching effect of modified factory automation system

"At present the use of robots enterprise increasing, the Chinese robot industry began to enter the outbreak period of growth." Bi Yalei said, in the Pearl River Delta region, the robot using the annual growth rate has reached 30% to 60%, especially in the assembly, dispensing, handling, welding and other industrial fields.

Bi Yalei said: "with the industrial robot cost is reduced, the original large enterprises can bear the complete automation equipment, but due to the factors of labor shortage, salary cost growth, the small and medium-sized enterprise growth spurt in demand for industrial robot single station."

Bi Yalei said, "at present Chinese robot industry and foreign industry gap is still relatively large, involved in the industry many enterprises only provide solutions. For example, six arm robot, extension contact a wider range, more accurate, requires the introduction of foreign technology. But if it is only a simple package four axis, domestic enterprises can be completed."

"In the small and medium-sized enterprise idea, is currently more robots to replace workers, but for enterprises, the whole system automation improvement effects will be more profound." Bi Yalei said.

Know more about D

In the eyes of ordinary people, "robot" should be as "Transformers", also have "limbs features". But in fact "industrial robot" is an automatic machine device to perform the work, can work in artificial intelligence.

So, in the end of industrial robot is how to work? In the large-scale application of RAPOO technology, industrial robot, robot has become a production line of the protagonist, the enterprise mainly produces the wireless mouse and keyboard. In the mouse receiver of the workshop, the reporter saw the robot is complete avulsion chip small label movements, label width of only two or three mm. But to the plastic button labeled "on/off" label, also done by robots. A robot for plastic keys, a robot for labels, a butt paste well. In order to docking accuracy, the company installed a "to the robot vision system, equivalent to the" eyes ", so that the robot can better complete cooperation.

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