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Analysis of the conveyor belt and the damage reason
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A survey, conveyor belt

(a), the adhesive tape is one of the main component of belt conveyer, which runs through the conveyor length, a large amount of the price is quite expensive, accounting for about 50% of the cost of the conveyor.

(two), the conveyor belt: upper and lower cover rubber, with core.
(three), conveyor belt core classification: according to the different divided into ordinary fabric conveyor belt, steel cord conveyor belt; components according to different adhesive surface: divided into heat resistance, cold resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, flame retardant conveyor belt.

Ordinary fabric conveyor belt:

Natural rubber for the rubber surface, cotton canvas or nylon canvas as carcass. With cotton canvas belt core adhesive tape, the longitudinal tensile strength is 56KN/m per layer, belonging to the ordinary belt; made of nylon tape to tape core, the longitudinal tensile strength is 140KN/m per layer, which belongs to the strong tape. The main technical parameters for the bandwidth of B, covering the canvas layer Z, the working surface and the non working face glue thickness.
Steel cord conveyor belt:

Steel wire rope core is to do with core, plus cover made of rubber. Technical parameters: bandwidth, wire diameter, root number, steel wire rope, the upper and lower cover rubber thickness gap.
Steel cord conveyor belt compared with the common conveyor belt:

Advantages: high strength, low elongation, into a good groove, long service life.
Its shortcomings: no overall horizontal, lateral strength is low, easy to cause the longitudinal cut, when the drum and belt involved in coal is easy to cause the core for steel wire rope stretched even pull off, so the tape sweeper should pay enough attention to.
Pattern belt:

Work according to a certain pattern arrangement of rubber surface rubber convex block, the other and the same as ordinary tape. Advantages: can improve the conveyor angle up to 28 DEG to 35 deg..

Two, transporting forms and causes of tape damage

(a) causes of belt longitudinal tearing conveyor
Shock and vibration caused by fasteners loose and fall off, causing the coal drop pipe lining plate, guide plate and other fall; material mixing with foreign body, foreign body hard, angular, fall blocked coal pipe Jisi; defect roller, roller frame cause scratch; conveyor severe deviation be hanging rack; sweepers involved in the drum (return cleaner), bolt looseness, threatened a bounce.

(two) the causes of the cracking of conveyor belt

1, because of the limitation of space dimension, conveying belt bending times more;
2, joint curing occurs due to various reasons made more than two sulfide.

(three) curing joint tear reason

1, turnabout drum diameter is small, the conveyor belt to withstand the bending stress is large;
2, vulcanizing joint quality is poor, especially in curing two times above, the joint strength decreased, or when the canvas in the bonding layer 3, is cut or polished leakage, where strength decreases;

4, conveyor for reversible, because on lap only in one direction, easy to be cleaner for belt on the discharger sharp scraping device;

5, conveyor working cycle is short, frequent starting, instantaneous tension large.

(four) cover causes damage to plastic surface
1, a material guide slot gap between the liner and the tape is not appropriate, causing abnormal wear, or the gap at the embedded foreign body, causing abnormal wear or scratch.

2, guide chute conveying material flow and belt speed is not consistent, large gap, speed up the plastic surface wear.
3, roller damage, abnormal wear or scratches caused by adhesive tape.

4, illegal operations, maintenance welding slag burns.
5, the sweeper scratch.

6, tape slipping belt can also cause abnormal wear.

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