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Causes and prevention of the slip of belt conveyor belt conveyor
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The fundamental reason is the conveying belt slipping friction between the conveyor belt and drum is not enough. The specific reasons: one is the running resistance increases, such as the conveyor overload, conveyor belt squeeze card in the rack, supporting causes damage, debris around, stick slime buried directly supporting silver does not rotate; the two is a low coefficient of friction, such as the drive roller and the conveyor belt of the contact surface of invading water, slime, drive roller casting gum damage; three is to reduce the conveying belt tension, such as conveyor due to deformation and elongation, tension device. Tightening force is not enough or damage.

To prevent the slip of belt conveyor:

To prevent the conveying belt, two aspects should start, one is to strengthen the operation management and maintenance, conveying belt should stop timely discovery, analysis and processing according to the above various reasons; two is the use of slip protection device. Discovery of conveyor belt tension relaxation immediately, belt tensioning process, prohibit the use of hand moving, don't run the crowbar in car and wire rope tension. Running in no cleaning roller adhesion, on the drum by hand or any tools. Flexible roller to replace.

In the conveyor belt or the conveyer belt joint replacement, such as needed to move the start pulling the conveyer belt, it is strictly prohibited to operator station in the rotating parts of the top. The belt deviation should be timely adjust. Treatment of deviation, it is strictly prohibited to hand grasps the conveying belt in the pedal operation.

When the machine is stopped, no special circumstances should be on the conveyor belt to pull coal air, avoid heavy start, it is strictly prohibited to overloads frequently start. The mine and the motor vehicle transportation is a main form of transportation roadway of coal mine long distance transport, is a mechanical + equipment by electric locomotive traction 1 columns of Tramcar Transportation on the track, charged with the coal, coal gangue, material, equipment, personnel and other heavy transportation tasks.

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