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Conveyor belt existing problems and resolving methods in use
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1, the conveyor belt in use after a period of variable length

The conveyor belt in the process of using the elongation, which is part of the elastic elongation, restitution in force after the cancellation, the other part is the elongation shrinkage skeleton material preparation, this part is unable to restore. Commonly used fabric core conveyor belt, EP conveyor belt elongation is relatively small, while the NN conveyor belt elongation is relatively large, but in the process of use, the NN conveyor belt due to creep of polyamide fiber after stress is relatively large, so in the use process, the elongation ratio increase, and because the fiber creep, so in the force removal later, can shrink back on the volume of small elongation more than.

2, the belt deviation

Belt conveyor belt body reason mainly has the following several:

In the process of weaving tension caused by uneven side loose side of tight.

The two sides thickness is different to both side of the thick side thin.

The flame retardant belt tension to a production process.

3, the correct use of the method of conveying belt:

The prevention of conveying belt load starting.

The conveyor belt running deviation, should take timely measures to correct.

The different types of layers, specifications of the conveyor belt is connected together, the joint best by a bonding method.

The type, structure, specification, and number of special conveyor belt of the common conveyor belt should be selected reasonably according to the terms of use.

The conveyor belt speed generally should not be more than 2.5m/s, large blocks, wear resistant materials and the use of fixed pear unloader device should be used in low speed.

The roller conveyor, roller diameter and the relationship between the transmission belt cloth layer transmission roller, drum to supporting and the roller groove angle requirements shall be designed according to the provisions of transport, reasonable selection.

The feeding direction should be along the direction of belt, in order to reduce the material falling on the conveyor belt impact should adopt the chute, reduce material gap distance; conveyor belt feeding section, should shorten the roller spacing and using buffer roller for conveyer belt by leaking, conform to the material blocking board of moderately soft, lest file plate is excellent, scrape conveyor belt with surface.

The conveyor is in use, such as a roller is missing, should be promptly added and repaired; roller materials were covered, resulting in rotary, prevent material leakage card to drum and belt conveyor lubrication with movable parts, attention, but not the oil conveying belt.

To avoid the conveyor belt suffered frame pillar, block or block material, prevent Pengpo tear conveyer belt, found local damage, the application of the artificial cotton repair timely, so as not to expand.

4, how to choose the conveyor belt:

The accurate description of the name, the specific nature of the materials. Especially the particle size, temperature, can have acid and alkali corrosion resistance and special requirements. Such as the use of temperature of heat resistant conveyor belt to explain.

The specific applications, requirements specification (width, length and thickness of layers, etc.), especially the heat resistant conveyor belt use temperature and volume size.

5, how to store and transport conveyer belt

The conveyor belt during transportation and storage, should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain leaching, to prevent contact with the acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances, and the heating device meters distance.

The conveyor belt storage warehouse temperature should be kept between 18-40 DEG C, relative humidity should be maintained at 50- 80%.

The conveyor belt during storage, shall be the product of roll placed, not folded, should be quarterly, turning once conveyor belt.

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